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Vitarelax’s 2018 business activities started on Friday 19 January at the beautiful Varignana Palace. The company had chosen this building to meet all its sales force and evaluate the excellent results of 2017 and share the 2018 targets.

For more than 10 years Vitarelax has been relying on the expert hands of the best and experienced craftsmen who have decades of knowledge in products that are designed to improve the quality of life of those who choose to furnish their home with them. And that is why the Vitarelax sofas and armchairs are entirely Made in Italy, specifically made in Forlì, in an area known throughout the world because it has always been a production centre for upholstered furniture.

Vitarelax is part of the booming Italian upholstered furniture industry. A young but already well-known and well-established company in the domestic and European market (especially in France), which now employs 25 employees and relies on the contribution of many experts and skilled craftsmen, who have been working for years in the Romagna area.

Based on their long and attentive experience in the industry, Vitarelax has designed Extroverso, the definitive sofa bed, an innovative project designed to meet the various needs of those who are not satisfied with just any sofa to furnish their home. Among its main qualities are comfort and relaxation, because Extroverso is not just a sofa but it is mostly the best bed in which to sleep. With Extroverso, Vitarelax intends to expand its offer in the upholstered furniture market, further expanding its borders, delivering a number of important and innovative benefits to the end user who can then have a compact, nice, comfortable and easy to handle piece of interior décor.