Divano Letto Oliver

The charm of classicism is combined with the essential lines of modernity to give life to Oliver, a sofa bed that knows how to be noticed and loved at the same time.

Beautiful during the day, comfortable at night.

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Dedalo Divano Letto

A timeless style to which is added the extraordinary comfort of a natural soft feather padding for the backrest and seats.

Born to make you feel good.

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Serafino is a sofa bed with a 21 cm mattress that offers undisputed comfort 24 hours a day: as a sofa from morning to evening and as a bed from evening to morning.

Nice, tall and comfortable.

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100% specialists.
100% italian.

Our products have a sole purpose: to improve the lives of our customers. Every fabric, every material, every move has a meaning.

And it is strictly made in Italy.


The choice is yours.

Every great story is textured. And colorful, too. With more than 300 fabrics available to choose from, your sofa will always be... yours.

The Relaxation revolution.

Live, play, express yourself. And then relax. Compact and easy to open, Extroverso is the sofabed which lets you go effortlessly from following your passions to sleeping.

Divano Letto Extroverso