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Serafino is a sofa bed with 3 advantages:

  • As a sofa, Serafino makes people comfortable during the day
  • As a bed, Serafino makes people comfortable during the night
  • It combines both versions and it overturns the concept that a sofa bed can’t be as comfortable as a real bed.

To combine these 3 elements, first of all, we had to design Serafino as a comfortable bed with a 21 cm mattress, and then we had to structure it as a comfortable and beautiful sofa, available in double colour and with a tall upholstered headboard.

To keep in your house for your guests’ use but also for you to sleep better If you are not satisfied with your bed.

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  • With removable covers
  • Backrest with compartment for cushions
  • High upholstered headboard
  • Mattress H 21cm
  • Two-tone fabric


Sweet dreams.

The mattress is a pivotal element of the sofa bed. Here are the options available for this product.


Supreme (21cm)

  • 4d breathable fabric
  • memory foam surface

Supreme Mattress is realized in expanded polyurethane density 30Kg/m3, with excellent payload. The superior panel’s upholstery is made with 94% polyester fabric, 2% spandex and 4% viscose and quilted with 650g polyester fabric. Upholstery weight 460g/m2. The side band of the mattress is made with 4D fabric for a perfect ventilation.

Colors and fabrics

Make it unique.

All our products are fully customizable in a wide range of fabrics and colors. Because your living room is unique and inimitable.

Technical data

Tailored for you.

The technical data sheet contains the product measurements in detail. So you can check what is the right model for your living room.