This armchair is provided with a Lift mechanism with 2 motors. It reaches the relaxation position with an independent movement of the backrest and the footrest, so as to adjust independently the position of maximum comfort. The footrest can be lifted at any time, without lowering the backrest, so as to gain a perfect TV position. It also features a lift movement to support people with walking difficulties to stand up.

Removable backrest

Luna is equipped with a removable backrest which facilitates its handling and storage.

Vitarelax and Outlast®

Originally developed for NASA, that employed it for the astronauts' spacesuits, it is now used by Vitarelax and has become part of people's every day life. The Outlast® material used in our armchairs, absorbs the heat of the human body, retaining and spreading it uniformly: such Outlast® property offers:

■      Adaptation to the micro climate of the body

■      Reduced overheating or cooling due to active thermal adjustment

■      Reduced perspiration.

■      Greater comfort and relaxation.

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