In Vitarelax

Your comfort in the hands of the best artisans in Forlì.

Vitarelax produces sofa beds and armchairs in Forlì, in Italy, thanks to artisans who have been manufacturing upholstered furniture for many decades. These artisans are well aware of the value of a product, which is meant to improve the quality of life.

Azienda Azienda

Our products are guaranteed for two years, even though  they are designed and built to last. The choice of the best building raw materials and the strongest mechanisms allows us to offer robust products that are suitable for intense and long-term use.


Upholstery for all tastes

Vitarelax can propose, through an intense research effort, a vast range of upholstery fabrics, from the most exclusive natural leather to the most practical and ecological eco-leather.

To satisfy any needs, Vitarelax offers many upholstery fabrics, whose qualities include washability, water repellence, dirt-repellence and fire-proofing

The production

Produzione Produzione Produzione Produzione
Via Copernico n.81/85, 47122 Forlì
Tel. (+39) 0543 774 777
Fax. (+39) 0543 751 799

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